Glenn Tate aka SS is a street poet and rapper from Delamo, CA. SS, once a hard-headed teenager who struggled with relentless battles of poverty. Due to these struggles SS did not conform to authority very well. As a juvenile, he had multiple run-ins with the law before ultimately getting sentenced to nine years in prison, along with two strikes for armed robbery. It was during his sixth year in prison that SS fell in love with the art of music. He found it to be an escape, a release, an outlet for all of his frustrations and aspirations. From then on, the rest of his prison sentence was served with a new purpose—a new meaning: to create powerful music. He worked on his craft daily, perfecting his lyrics and delivery until the rawness of his flow crystallized into poetry in its purest form.

 Influenced by legends such as Tupac, Snoop and Nas. SS’ sound is heavy-hitting and fearless, to say the least. Since being released from prison in 2013, SS has been determined to defeat all odds stacked against him. Prison gave him a new perspective on life. With that, SS is determined to continue pursuing his passion in music. He is driven by his words to make an impact on the world. SS is currently working on his debut album that will release early 2018.

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